Earn Free RagApple Lassie Wine

for your favorite 501(c)3 organization

1. Register your event with RagApple Lassie Vineyards via a phone call to Lenna at (336)367-6000 in the Yadkin Valley or Kristin at 919-316-1903 in the Triangle

2. Start spreading the word among your benefactors that for each bottle
of wine purchased at either of the RagApple Lassie locations, in the name of the registered organization, your organization earns ONE point AND/OR each case of wine (12 bottles) purchased at one time, at either location, in the name of your qualified organization, FIFTEEN points will be earned!


Each ONE HUNDRED cumulative POINTS will earn a FREE case of RagApple Lassie’s awesome wine or One lifetime RagApple Lassie Wine Club Membership!! And there is no limit on the amount of wine or memberships that can be earned!!!!