RAL Logo Artist

Carol Vanderpool, an artist/designer and a close personal friend of owners, Lenna and Frank Hobson, designed the logo for RagApple Lassie Vineyards.  Just a couple of days after having dinner with Lenna and Frank during which they shared  their vision for a vineyard and winery and that they wanted to name it, RagApple Lassie, after the beloved calf owned by Frank, Jr. as a young man, Carol called Lenna to say she was faxing over something for them to look at!  As soon as Lenna and Frank saw Carol's rendering they immediately knew they had their logo - and one that would not be easily forgotten - or rather, very memorable!

Carol Vanderpool began art studies at the American College in Paris and later received a BA in Art from Grinnell College.  Following graduation, she had the opportunity to pursue her interest in design while creating costumes and sets for local and college theatres.  She has worked in areas as diverse as television production, newspaper lifestyles editor and corporate advertising.

Her work has been displayed in magazines and books published by Better Home and Gardens Special Interest Publications and in collections such as Reynolds Health Care Complex and the Midwest Noodle Zoo Restaurants.

Vanderpool now lives in Piedmont North Carolina. Her work can be seen in area businesses, as a 16 foot mural on the wall of a local library, and of course, on RagApple Lassie wine bottles!